What we do


We seek to change lives and the perceptions people have about the world they live in. We do this by creating lasting partnerships between different groups who share the same vision of allowing young people to understand and experience different cultures to enable them to contribute to building a better global village. Our partnerships motivate interaction and engagement right through both school communities. They impact positively on the school culture, add a fresh and global dimension to the curriculum and encourage self-belief to make a positive change.



We work with all manner of schools from different cultural backgrounds and help them better connect with the world around them.

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Teacher Development

A key ingredient to a successful partnership are the reciprocal visits undertaken by teachers which provide a first hand insight into your partner school. This gives both partners a solid base to launch partnership activities.

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Student Visits

When students travel overseas they have already committed to learn about themselves and others. This positive attitude combined with the preparation we do contributes to a highly rewarding experience.

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