Weydon visits Kakum National Forest today and takes a break from the heat at the beach!

Day 8, Saturday April 7, 2018: Dear lovely readers, today we were lead by the greatest leaders Dwabor has ever seen, mighty, great, talented Kyle and Sam . We woke up at 5:00 to clean the toilets before having a lovely, scrambled egg on bread with beans, breakfast. We did not mind having to wake up so early as we were on our way pretty abruptly to the canopy walk at the park Kakum that covered 136 square kilometres. Once we had our passes we had to walk up a large hill to get to the start of the 40 meter high walkway. The walk was over relatively quickly however it was long enough to take in the beauty of the park. Once we schlepped back down the hill there was a souvenir shop, where quite a few of us bought some things to take back for family. We then got back into the buses and headed to a place to stop off for some lunch as we were all very hungry. The lunch was amazing and everyone enjoyed it, but after we walked across a small bridge to get to a crocodile park where we watched a crocodile climb up the riverbank and get fed right in front of our eyes. To add to the excitement and flow of adrenaline we were now making our way back to the buses to take us to the beach where we would be able to relax for a good 3 hours, which I think I speak for everyone when I say was an absolute blessing. When we got there everyone changed into their swim wear as fast as they could and made their way to the water, we all leapt in and frolicked around for a bit before finding a rock wall where you can hold on and the waves would try to push you off. It was all fun until Megan shouted “I’ve lost my glasses” at which the frantic search which lasted a long hour began. (if Megan’s parents could buy her a new pair of glasses, she would be grateful). It’s safe to say even though we did not eventually find her glasses she took it like a champ and did not winged or make a fuss. For this reason Megan received star of the day alongside Elliot for his great efforts to try to find them whilst at the same time using his swimming ability to keep us swimming safely. After a fairly quick drive home we had an amazing spaghetti dinner and some sugar canes for desert, which slowly morphed into a large bonfire with songs and dancing. Once again an absolutely superb day for the weydon team and our buddies.
By Sam

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  1. Kyle and Sam beautifully written xx. It sounds like you are having a great time – enjoy!!!

  2. What a great blog oh mighty leader, well done! Sounds like another great day, Kakum, crocodiles, swimming in the sea, we all want to come and join you! We really appreciate all the wonderful photos you have shared, it’s great seeing you all having a wonderful time. Lots of love Family Finch

  3. Wonderful blog, oh mighty leaders!! Sounds like an awesome day. Love the photo of you all on the beach .
    So envious. Bridge looks a bit scary – was it a long way down?!
    Enjoy the remaining days.

  4. Wow sounds like you’ve had a fab time.
    Sorry about your glasses Megan. ☹️Am sure your team mates will look after you.
    Well done Kk for getting over that bridge.
    Keep having fun lol xxxx

  5. Fantastic blog so well done boys!! Brilliant photos. Today looked amazing xx

  6. Hi Sam, thanks for the great blog. Sounds like another amazing day 🙂

    Please look after Megan. She can hardly see without her glasses. I know she was brave today but imagine she will feel quite lost without them. Please give her a huge hug from us.
    I’m not sure if anything can be done at all. But just in case her prescription is:
    Right eye -5.5
    Left eye -4.5
    (short sighted)

    Thank you for helping her look for them Xx

  7. Another amazing day it sounds like.

    Oh no poor Megs! She will be gutted as she is very short sighted and won’t be able to see all the amazing sights as well 🙁

    Thanks for everyone trying to help find the lost glasses.

    There isn’t anything that can be done now. We will have to sort it out when she gets back.

    Enjoy the rest of the trip everyone.

  8. If one of the teachers is able to contact us we can provide Megans prescription for contact lenses.
    There may be a possibility of getting her an emergency pair?

  9. Top blog chaps. Enjoy the last 4 days. Keep on looking out for each other! Looking forward to seeing Lauren back home! Flo misses you.

  10. What a wonderful, fun packed day! I bet the sea was a refreshing treat, looks like you all had fun. Enjoy your rest of your time! Xx

  11. Fabulous blog Sam, really love hearing your news, glad you’re having such a fab trip. Look after Meghan, lots of love xx

  12. Wow, brilliant blog, what a fantastic day. Poor Megan, I hope you are ok. It sounds like an amazing day guys, enjoy your last few days xx

  13. It is so wonderful to be able to keep up to date with what you are all doing.
    Today sounds such fun apart from poor Megan.
    The canopy walk looks amazing.

  14. Sam, great blog! All the pictures look fab but shame about Megs glasses, hopefully emergency replacement can be sorted.
    Kyle, your sisters have taken over your room, phone and iPad, missing you loads . Be nice to your buddy, he looks bit sad in some of the pictures! Mum x

  15. Lovely Blog Sam, did make me laugh!

    Dad x

  16. wow what a fabulous day. poor megan i hope she can see without her glasses.

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