Weydon Team 8 – Day 3 GMT (Ghana Maybe Time)

Chocolate banana pancakes! (Fruit pancakes for the weird ones). The pancakes came two by two the anticipation killing the waiting ones. The batik lady arrived on time but GMT (Ghana Maybe Time) meant that Malik (mask making) were a bit late. We questioned each other on whether or not to go in the sea and decided to go after lunch. There were cheese sandwiches, cucumber and avocado all around.

After lunch we went in the sea. Luke was relishing running in the waves fearlessly jumping in. Today the shop was restocked and we were all able to buy a pair of Kobe’s famous trousers. While writing this we are sitting in the bamboo area with the sea crashing in front of us whilst we enjoy our last night of relaxation before the treacherous adventure to Dwabor.

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