Weydon T2 – last day with elephants

Thursday 23/7/15
Everyone arose at 6:30 in the morning, in preparation for the mornings work. Team C (James, Austen, Maddie T, Maddie K, Annabelle) prepared the vitamin balls for the elephants to consume while team A and B cleaned the daybeds. Afterwards our projects continued with the painting of the bench getting its finishing touches, the compost bed being varnished and placed ready to be used and finally and seeded our newly created gardening patch. Our last breakfast here at MEF consisted of soft bread with toppings of your choice (Jam or butter) and a first appearance for the omelette. When finished everyone rushed to clean out the night bed with Izzy picking up 43 poos with great haste trying to pick it up as fast as she could and Lucifer picked up 31 poos. After the night beds we did the last of the finishing touches by adding the newly made compost bin in the Eco-Garden. It was all tough work but we all feel like we have made a difference towards helping such a good place. We all had an opportunity of a lifetime when we had the chance to go on a walk with Ranmenika and then take a photo with her. We were also able to sit on… in the river as he sprayed us with water from his true, giving us an ‘elephant shower’. To end such an amazing time at an incredible place we planned to have a BBQ and a camp fire but as we were out buying lunch for our day of traveling it began to rain. This scuppered our plans and also soaked a few of our beds. Although the rain stopped our camp fire we still had an awesome barbecue under the eves of the cabins and then headed to the dining room for a hilarious quiz finished off by our one and only Max and his new mahout puppet! We have to move on early tomorrow to get to the train but this first step of the trip has been just fantastic. We really don’t want to leave! Chapter 2 awaits!!

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