Weydon T2 – elephants!

Left Weydon pretty smoothly with few tears and drove to Heathrow T4 without issue, thank you to Mr Stewart, Mr Bundy, Mr Wish and Mrs Mason for parting with a few hours sleep for us. Long flights but great transfers got us all to Colombo without issue and all visas worked to let us in? After packing the bags into a truck and climbing into the air conditioned bus we drove said our farewells to Karu and T3 and set off for our 2 hours journey to MEF where we met the elephants after what felt like a never ending journey. This place is calm and lovely and we have the luxury of cabins and beds to sleep in for the next 4 nights. A real privilege to be here amongst the elephants and mahouts and we are about to do our introductory tour and learn about our roles for the next few days.
We have now toured the site and met the elephants and learnt about trees and plants and their medicinal uses. The Millennium foundation pay to home captive elephants to try to improve their lives. To own an elephant is a bit like a rich person owning a Ferrari. They are used for the perahera festivals but with the support of MEF they are protected from abuse in the logging industry and by uncaring owners.
Meals have been good so far and cooked for us! Luxury!

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