Weydon T2 – elephant washing and frisbee

At 6.30 we were up for the day. Team A (Reuden, Max, Harri, Amelia, Ellie and Grace) went and made vitamin balls to feed the elephants that morning.
Afterwards we started work on the garden which they are hoping to grow plants in. We weeded and hoed the raised beds and cleaned them out for planting later
on. Then we went to breakfast of bread, butter, marmalade and some onion paste we don’t know the name for. We then went to clean the night beds of elephant
poo so that they could sleep without getting it all over them. Before cleaning out the river we were struck by our first mini rain storm drenching everyone who
dared to go out in it, or in other words, Austin. Then we went into the river to clean it out so that the elephants don’t hurt themselves while washing. It was then
lunch and free time. After lunch, it was back to gardening and Max had an idea to donate some of the money raised over the year on a new wheelbarrow for the
centre to support Tamsin (project manager) and the team. So off he went off in a Tuk Tuk to buy paint and the new wheelbarrow. Then we saw paper being made
from elephant dung into notebooks and Christmas cards. Afterwards we headed back to the river to clean the elephants with coconut shells. After a sweaty day
we all headed back for a shower and went for dinner. In our free time we play frisbee a lot, Joe is dreadful as he keeps on throwing the frisbee into the small farm
area next to our camp. Our highlight of the day fell onto Austen whilst cleaning the elephants day bed. After he realised that there were no gloves to pick up the
poo he decided to use one of the brushes to play golf get the dung over the bank and down the river. Another poo related story happened in when we were
cleaning out the river and Lakshmi (the elephant) relieved herself which floated over to the group, and being the gentlemen they are James, Reuben and Harri
bravely picked it out and carried it to the river bank. Overall everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and are ready for a long nights rest.

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