Weydon summits a mountain and cools off in a waterfall

DAY 15// Sunday 5 August, 2018

Today was fun and eventful. We woke up early at 6.30 for breakfast at 7.00, which consisted of fried bread and various toppings. We then started our ‘hour’ journey, however we had a bit of a nightmare because the truck broke down in the middle of a road and we were sat there for about 1 hour waiting for the truck to be fixed. Lots of Ghanaians from the nearby village, came to help us. Thanks to Kwame and Obama the driver, a solution was found fairly quickly. Steffi needed a wee so she went into the bush to pee. When we finally got to the mountain Sienna felt very ill and unfortunately had to sit out of the mountain climb with Ella, however they made some American friends, who gave them some food and Sienna found a place in the shade to have a snooze. The mountain climb was very hot and tiring and when we finally got to the top there were loads of flying ants, but the view was amazing. We then went back to the hotel for lunch and went to the big waterfall which was really pretty and when you faced the crashing waterfall it really hurt, but it was quite fun but cold. We then walked back to the hotel and looked in some craft shops and then we had dinner of rice and some kind of sauce.
Eleanor :))

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  1. It’s all these ‘some kind of toppings’ and ‘some kind of sauce’ that scares me. I imagine us stopping at Kingfish by Farnham station on the way home on Wednesday!

  2. Ah, finally we here from you gorgeous girl. You’re looking happy now and it sounds like you’ve had an amazing time. Hope Sienna recovered quickly. Don’t forget it’s George’s birthday today Eleanor. Can’t wait to see you on Wednesday. Lots of love xx

  3. What a beautiful picture of you all at the bottom of the waterfall with the rainbow behind you.
    Such a shame to hear when any of you are unwell. I do hope Sienna is feeling a lot better now.
    Charlotte, Amelie tells me once she sees you she is going to squeeze you tight and never let you go!
    Lots of love and safe journey home.
    See you very soon.

  4. Great update, hope everyone is now feeling better. You are certainly having a proper adventure you will never forget!

  5. Sounds fantastic – look forward to hear all about your exciting adventure in Ghana

  6. Hope you’re feeling better Sienna. I’m getting very excited about Wednesday (so is Spud!). I cannot wait to hear every detail x

  7. Wow! What a cracking day. Hope Steffi feels better! Hope you are enjoying your last couple of days.

  8. Love all your descriptions of breakfast – don’t think we’ll be able to match it at home! Sorry to hear a couple of you not feeling well – hope it passes soon. Glad views from the top were worth the effort and energy- can’t wait for Wednesday xx

  9. Thanks for the update Eleanor. Great to hear all the news.

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