Weydon Sri Lanka Summer 2017

Just one final blog entry
Thought I had published this on arrival in U.K. yesterday but not visible!
On behalf of Smita and myself please can I thank the parents for the wonderful welcome home and the many generous presents. Wine and chocolate stocks gradually depleting!
We thought you might like to see individuals selected highlights of the trip:
A minimum of Three individual highlights of the trip:
1. watching the classroom projects develop
3. seeing Smita dancing with Dammi;
5. spending time with Karu and Buddhi;
7. watching team members enjoying time with their buddies;
8. the Easter buddies helping us.

1. Teaching the buddies new vocabulary and developing their conversation skills.
2. Seeing every team member identify and develop their own qualities.
3. Eating the meals Buddhi cooked for us. Amazing Sri Lankan dishes!
4. Watching the wild elephants in their natural habitat during the safari.
5. Seeing the passion of people we met during our trip and sharing their vision through conversation, such as with Carol, Karu, Buddhi, Augusta and Jade.

1. Dancing with all the buddies at the leaving disco
2. Being showered by elephants at MEF
3. Performing at the open ceremony at Tzu Chi School
4. Being able to witness how kind and selfless Buddhists are through Karu and Buddhi
5. Painting the wall and seeing Buddhi’s appreciation in his smile afterwards.

1. Mad rave at Janoda disco with the buddies
2. Swimming at Shangri la hotel
3. Elephant shower at MEF.
4. Seeing Christian jump onto the fan after trying to escape SACOONICA.

1. Tuk-Tuk ride
2. Leaving disco with the buddies
3. Swimming at MEF and Shangri Lah

1. Teaching the buddies drama games
2. Being able to sing and then dance in front of the buddies.
3. Living in close proximity to elephants
4. Being able to get to know the group better.
5. Visiting the beaches, pools and shops.

1. Tuk-Tuk ride.
2. Safari.
3. Being washed by elephants at MEF.
4. Train ride.

1. The amazing train ride
2. Taking cool pictures and watching the sunrise at the Fish Market
3. Washing with my showering – buddy Sam at least twice a day
4. Having slightly awkward conversations with my lovely Buddy
5. Tidying up (weirdly enough)

1. Going to Sri Lanka (obviously)
2. The Tuk-Tuk and Train ride
4. Meeting all the buddies and getting to know them


Notation: not in any particular order.

a) the breathtaking view of night Mumbai & Sri Lanka from the sky.
b) crying and smiling whilst embracing all the incredible Tzu Chi buddies goodbye.
c) being overwhelmed by the beautiful Sri Lankan culture.
d) becoming close with the buddies and furthermore: meeting the most exquisite and fascinating people.
e) Karu and Buddhi. Enough said.
f) simply the adventure and experience.

1. Cuisine
2. Sights
3. Train ride
4. That one picture where I look awesome ✌
5. Buddhi
6. Karu
7. Staff at Janoda
8. Janoda
9. Fun times with peers
10. Driving everyone mad with perpetual singing of Frank Sinatra
11. That one night when there was that one spider and Matt teleported out of the room
12. Everything else that I would have put if people weren’t asking me to pass the iPad on


1. The tuk-tuk ride
2. The elephant shower
3. Safari
4. Train ride
5. Going to the Buddy houses and meeting their families
6. Going on the elephant walks
7. Living so close to elephants
8. Shopping
9. Music on the bus journeys
10. Swimming at Shangri-La
11. Meeting Buddhi and Karu
12. Finding my flip flops after thinking I was going to have to buy another pair
13. Party on the last night with the buddies and wearing my sari

1. Swimming at Shangri-La
2. Shopping in Hambantota
3. The saris

1. Tuk tuk rides
2. Shangri la swimming
3. Party at the end with the buddies

1. Party with the buddies
2. Sari fittings
3. Pre school welcome with flowers

1. Pre school welcome
2. Elephant showers
3. Buddy disco

1. Environment with the elephants
2. Sarees
3. Tuk Tuk rides

Good luck with the holidays all and I hope all you memories are the best!

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