Weydon Sri Lanka Summer 2017

Hey guys it’s Poppy and Hannah writing our final blog in Sri Lanka. This morning we woke up early to start packing our bags onto a truck to make its way to the airport. Then we cleared up Janoda and said our final goodbyes to Karu and the team. At around 8 am we all piled onto the bus and started our journey to columbo airport. On the way we made a stop at a moonstone mine, where we got to see how they find, cut and polish the stones. We found out that Sri Lanka is the only country to find blue moonstones, as well as common white ones. We also saw how they distil cinnamon leaves to make a pure oil. Afterwards we continued travelling and stopped for lunch. Then, we visited a turtle conservation centre, where we could view turtles from 1 day old to 3 days old, and many older turtles that could not be released into the sea due to disabilities or harm from fishing nets etc. We had the opportunity to pick up the baby turtles and one of the older turtles too.

When we were nearing Columbo airport we stopped off for some short-eats which we had to scoff quickly as they were not allowed in the airport! When in the busy airport we checked in, and we are now sitting in the departure gate ready to board for Mumbai. Hopefully everything will run smoothly and we will get some sleep on both flights. Everyone is so excited to go home and see their family – they have also been talking about what food they want to eat first! Although we are excited to go home, we will miss Sri Lanka and its beautiful culture.

Anyway see you all tomorrow morning! From Poppy and Hannah x

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  1. Wonderful pictures. Hope you all had a good flight home. Thank you all for all your fantastic descriptions. You should get sponsorship from the Sri lAnka tourist board!

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