Weydon: Some Reflections on Ghana

Day 12, Wednesday April 11, 2018: Some Reflections on Ghana:

Megan- Ghana made me realize how different countries can be, from the lack of clean water to the actual people. Everyone was welcoming however many people would ask for money and for you to buy things from their small shops. It’s a beautiful place and would love to come back with my family. It been a bit of a bumpy road at the start due to the heat but it was a very fun experience!
Lauren- Ghana has changed my life in many ways starting with how we live and how the simplistic things can change your life, for example in Dwabor they didn’t have much technology or clean water so it’s made me grateful for the things we have at home but most of all it’s been a trip of a lifetime and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it including the people who are so amazing in many ways. Sending love to all and can’t wait to see you soon  xx
Katie- My time in Ghana has opened my eyes to other people’s cultures and how happy they can be with so little. I have loved every moment here and I’ve met so many amazing people as well as seeing so much of the area. I have definitely missed some of the small things at home but overall I have enjoyed living a simpler way of life. Can’t wait to see everyone and tell you all about it. Xxx
Bonnie- This trip has been such an eye opener for me. It was so interesting to experience a different culture and way of life and I have enjoyed every second of it. I have tried so many new and exciting foods and I have met many inspiring people. Although I have missed home, I haven’t wanted to leave Dwabor, and the trip has helped me appreciate life outside of my bedroom door. I am very thankful for such an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to get home and see you soon. X
Millie-ways I would describe Ghana would be welcoming, colourful and so happy. Welcoming because of the kids and their constant asking of ‘what is your name?’ with a wide grin. Colourful in terms of food, clothes and lifestyle. Happy because of the dancing, singing, drum playing and whole atmosphere. Although I’m excited to go home and see everyone, I’ll miss Ghana and everyone there  I am very grateful for the experience and can’t wait to tell everyone about it! Xx

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  1. An amazing trip for you all. This will stay with you forever. An experience of a lifetime.
    Sleep well everyone Xx

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