Weydon helps to organize a sports day, visit a local farm, and perform a play with their buddies!

Day 7, Friday April 6, 2018: Today we got up at 7:00 and we had breakfast which consisted of banana flavored pancakes. We then got ready for the sports day and waited for our buddies to arrive, we then got on the big yellow truck and made our way to the Ayensudo school. We set up our sports activities (it was very hot). We split the students from the school into groups and they went round to each event (15 mins each). After that the boys played a football match with the other school. We then made our way back to school and we had lunch (pasta and some sauce) . We went to the local church and we performed our play which we created with our buddies and after we went down to the farm where they grow lots of plants and fruits (pineapple, coconut, bamboo, coco beans, and mango etc) and for some reason some kids were holding crabs in Africa. Apparently they are mud crabs. We went back to the school and had dinner, which was rice and a traditional Ghanaian sauce which has fish and vegetables in it. After dinner we had a sesh of arm wrestling with the Ghanaians.
Lots of love to all
Lauren Jxx

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  1. Crabs?! In Africa?? In mud!?! Miss you Lolly. Thanks for the crazy update. Best yet! Keep on having fun. Xx

  2. Sounds like a fab day Lol! Glad to hear the sports day went well, I hope you took part in the arm wrestling ‘sesh’, lots of love mummy xxxxx

  3. Thanks for the lovely update. Glad to hear it was another fun and productive day.
    Hope you are all well and keeping the suncream topped up (aimed at Ru, mainly). Have a great day tomorrow.
    Helen x

  4. Fab photos, love the trousers Jack, hope you’ve done some washing as you must be running out of clothes, looks like you’re all having an amazing time, love you lots xxxx

  5. What a day, it sounded great Lauren. Hope the sports day went well, I know you all were looking forward to organising it.
    We are all loving seeing your photos and receiving the blog each day, thank you.
    Lots of love xx

  6. Another amazing day and fantastic blog. Thank you for updating us Lauren.
    Love seeing all the photos too.
    Miss you Meggy, it’s lovely to see your big smile X
    (Are you going to change your T-shirt soon?) Lol
    Keep having fun!!!
    Look forward to hearing more soon. Lots of love Xxx

  7. Thanks Lauren, it sounds like you’ve all had a great day! Enjoy your weekend, it sounds like it’ll be a fun one. Miss you Millie and can’t wait to hear more! Enjoy every minute :). Lots of love, Michele xx

  8. Wonderful day and fab photos! Thanks Lauren x

  9. Wonderful to be able to keep up to date with what you are doing. It sounds amazing. I often wish I was your age again and went to Weydon.
    Julie x

  10. Great to see everyone in the photos. You look like you are all having an amazing experience and getting along really well as at team. It’s pretty hot and humid out there but I’m sure all the kids really appreciate the hard work you are doing. Must have been so nice to have an activity day and have some fun with your buddies. Miss you Megs. Xxx

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