Weydon makes local drums and bracelets!

Day 11, Tuesday 10 April, 2018: After a night where we were interrupted by the storm, we woke up to pancakes. At around 9 o’clock 7 of us went with Miss Laurens to make bongo drums. That lasted around 3 hours because George wasn’t very good. When we got back we had red red plantain for lunch which has been my favorite meal so far. After that the group made African bracelets and then we went in the sea for around an hour and the waves were monstrous. At 6:15 the lads wolfed down dinner to go and watch Liverpool beat Man City in the Champions League quarter final. When we got back everyone was fast asleep, so we joined them.

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  1. Thanks for the update Charlie. I am sorry to hear George wasn’t very good, I hope you told him and made him cook the lunch as a punishment, mind you perhaps not….! So sorry you had to all watch the Liverpool match when you support other teams, you are great mates! This time tomorrow you will no doubt be scrubbed, fed and in your beds, we cant wait to see you all xx

  2. Brilliant Charlie!! Can’t wait to see the drums tomorrow morning
    Have a fab last day and good flight back. Lots of love xxx

  3. It looks like you had a fab day, Jack I’m loving the shirts, have you bought them or are you having to borrow as you’ve run out of clean clothes! ! You look very happy in the photos , love you xx

  4. Lovely blog, Charlie. Glad to hear you all still are having an amazing time – does G’s drum work! Have you boys finally converted Ru to watching football! Have a wonderful final day and safe flight home. Hope you get some good movies xx

  5. Thanks for the update Charlie 🙂
    Lovely to see more photos.
    Hope you’re having a great last day.
    Have a safe flight home, cant wait to see you tomorrow morning!!
    Lots of love xXx

  6. Nice one Charlie, Drums, swimming, a good meal and some Champions League Footie!!

    If Carlsberg made final days in Ghana!!

    (You’re dad will explain!!)

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