Weydon is on the move!

DAY 13//Friday August 3, 2018

Today was an early start. We got up at 5:30 to leave Stumble Inn at 7. We had a breakfast of banana pancakes whilst looking at the coast. On the beach before we left we played with the puppies. Then through the day we traveled from the west to the east of the country which meant a 6 hour journey which meant we had seen a lot of the country. Lunch was spaghetti with eggs which went down well with most of the group, but James was travel sick…

Once we arrived in the Volta region we got into pairs and we were taken to our rooms. Then we went to the nearby pool beside Lake Volta, where we spent the early evening swimming and relaxing. After we ate our dinner we chilled in the hotel area. It was a great day. Many thanks to Bibbsy and Coops. Along with Kwame and Florence.

Speak soon, Ed

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  1. I hope James is feeling better 🙁 A long journey but lovely to see so much of the country. The pool at the end of the journey must have been so welcoming. Keep having fun x

  2. How lovely for everybody. A real pool and real toilets. Hope James is feeling better. Enjoy your final few days. Still more to do!

  3. cant believe how much you are managing to fit in – hope you’ve got some good photos Grace and are all enjoying some well deserved r&r. Xx

  4. Well done Ed, good to hear your news.

  5. Sounds like a great day. Hope James recovers quickly.

  6. Wow, sounds amazing on the Great Lake. Enjoy your final few days! Annelies and Dominic xx

  7. Hi all, thanks Ed, Do hope my little prince is feeling better 😉 !!! That is a long old journey but bet you thoroughly enjoyed the swimming. I’m on countdown now but enjoy your final few days – certainly sounds like your leaders have been legends !!

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