Weydon enjoys their last full day in Ghana

DAY 16// Monday 6 August, 2018

Today the atmosphere was surprisingly positive, the majority of the group felt ill, however today is our last full day in Ghana, so we stuck our bags in the bus and set sail in a cheery fashion. We stopped off at a jewellery manufacturer named “cedi beads” and enjoyed purchasing various products and learning how these said products are made, such as necklaces and singular beads. After leaving “cedi beads” we travelled to a previous hostel we stayed in on our way to the airport. However, before we arrived at the hostel we decided to stop off at a nearby pool, in which we celebrated our achievements. Having arrived and this being our final night we decided to put on a “Weydon’s got talent” in which we got into groups and displayed our talents in a joint act. The main group of girls decided to dance whilst Stephanie sang with the voice of an angel. Next: Jack, Millie, Grace and Cam decided to use their skills of getting audiences excited and harmonising to perform a fantastic rendition of “In the jungle” , which was heavy in irony due to us being in Africa. Lastly 4 boys: James, Theo, Noah and Ed performed a “diss track” (for those not aware this is a form of rap song in which different members of the larger group are roasted, and made fun of in good sport) . It was described as “savage” and “hilarious” and this feedback satisfied the boys, subsequently causing them to vacate the stage, being declared winners, and being gifted free drinks by the teachers.

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  1. Fabulous stories right up to the end. Sorry to hear the majority are feeling unwell. You can all rest on the plane(s) tonight and tomorrow.
    Can’t wait to see you at Heathrow!

  2. Woohoo that made me laugh what a brilliant last day and night. Can’t wait to give you a hug tomorrow and hear every detail. x xx

  3. Have a good journey home. Please write down the words from your ‘diss’ track. Cannot wait until tomorrow x

  4. Travel safe and see you tomorrow x

  5. Sounds like a fab last day – am so excited about seeing you all – Grace – Ben is in 50 fly final this evening -will keep you posted!xx

  6. What an end to an amazing trip! So excited to think you are on your way home. Am thinking I’ll get Toby to bring his trumpet to announce your arrival!! Safe trip to all. xxx

  7. Hope you’re all able to rest & recover on the journey home.
    Hope there is film footage of the talent show.
    Safe travels to you all & thanks for the daily updates.
    See you tomorrow

  8. Just in case anybody is looking here for updates, they just took off from Dubai and are currently expected in at 2:29pm Terminal 3 Flight EK29.

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