Weydon Day 2

Our first full day at MEF! At what felt like an early start of 7:00 (which apparently is a luxury) we met in the office to make the elephant’s vitamin balls. While the boys made the dough mix, the girls counted out the vitamins and then we were allowed to feed them to the elephants.

After breakfast, we got into groups and cleaned out the elephant beds, which was very hot and very hard work but we all felt satisfied when we were finished. To cool off, we went to do a river clean, where we found many miscellaneous items and hopefully made it safer for the elephants.

After a lunch of curry, we designed our project for tomorrow (recycling bins) and then went and painted the walls, which proved to be a harder task than it seemed. We then went and washed Pooja, an elephant. The boys then swung from a vine in the river, while the girls went and got ice creams from the shop quickly followed by the boys.

We are now sat around the dinner table talking about home but also about what we are looking forward to in the next few days.

By Archie
P.s. We are gradually getting used to the heat, with help from the cold showers!

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  1. Lovely to get the next instalment! We are thinking of you all and looking forward to hearing more adventures!
    PS it is rainy, cold and windy here!
    ENJOY! x

  2. Thanks for the great updates so far, we are really enjoying reading about the team and all your activities

  3. Fantastic, what a lovely time!
    Love to you all. Sally

  4. Sounds as if you are having an amazing time just as we did. Stay strong and keep flinging that elephant poo over the piles!

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