Weydon cozies up with some monkeys and kente cloth

DAY 14//Saturday, 4 August 2018

Today we woke up at 6:30am to eat breakfast at 7am where we stayed glued to the one TV for a solid 1/2 an hour. After that we left for the ‘Big Foot Safari Lodge’. On the way we visited Tafi Atome. The journey was long (about 3hours) but later it was worth it due to the fact the monkeys were so friendly and munched on the bananas we had collected together. We took some amazing snaps, ate some lunch and ventured back onto the truck to the Kente Village where they specialize in the industry of weaving. Viewing the show room many of us purchased a Kente reel or a hat, purse or bag. After 2 hours of travelling we reached our hostel in the mountains near the waterfall and excitedly rushed into our spacious new rooms of 10. Many of us took a warm shower too, before devouring a tasty portion (tasty portions, for some) of rice balls and peanut and chicken soup. Overall it was a great day (apart from some feeling ill) and we are all excited to climb a mountain of 886m and swim in the waterfall tomorrow, visible from our current hostel. Okie dokes, catch up with you lot later, taken some great snaps of monkeys today, night – Mills 🙂

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  1. Thanks Millie, Sounds great and a hot shower – lovely. Hope those poorly people have picked up quickly – love the sound of the waterfall tomorrow cant wait to hear x

  2. Seen other teams blogs about the falls. Looks amazing. Get well soon everybody. No time to be ill!
    I imagine some of you have lost weight due to the menu.

  3. Enjoy the mountain and lake – can’t believe you’ll all be home so soon. Banners are being prepared!! Xx

  4. Oh no! No time for illnesses! Get well soon x monkeys are so much fun 🙂 The waterfall sounds amazing. Sleep well peeps x

  5. Sounds like fun! Love the trousers Rosie! looking forward to seeing you soon. Even Grace agrees xxx

  6. Hope the poorly people are recovering well & able to join in the activities over your last few days.
    All sounds astounding, cannot wait to see the pictures.
    Wondering what you watched for half an hour – Love island catch up??
    Have a great day.

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