Weydon continues project work at Dwabor JHS school

Day 5, Wednesday April 4, 2018: Today was an event full day, and full to the brim of exciting activities, which involved the waking up at the crack of dawn (6:00) and heading down to the school where we were greeted by the students, who were very excited to take part in our workshops. Today we had a change of teams and the project team was now lead by Kyle, Millie, Hugo and Sam. They assigned us to one of the workshops (out of 5), we then proceeded to take groups of students and explain and show them how the experiments worked. I was in a team with Sam and George and we ran the water bottle rocket (which was their clear favorite). Unfortunately I have caught the sun, but toward the evening it got a bit better but I haven’t let it bring me down. It’s weird to think that in this type of environment I don’t miss my phone or PlayStation despite what my mum said, but I do miss my bed the most. You will all be happy to know we have met the families of our buddy’s and gave them our gifts, which they were very grateful for. After an hour of us boys playing football, and the girls painting some half of the villages nails, we created a play, which we will perform to the village on Friday, about why you should stay in school and what disadvantages would come with it. Elliot plays the lead role of the teacher and has to deal with a few troublesome, badly influencing students who want to go out to hunt grasscatter The weather was very hot today but it has got cooler toward the evening.
Hope things are good in miserable England, and we will see you all in a few days


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  1. Not missing your phone’s and Playstations?! Don’t believe it!!

    Great Blog Rufus, so look forward to these, highlight of the day.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Love Dad A xx

  2. Excellent blog! Sounds like an amazing time is being had by all and so pleased to see some more pictures. Take care in that sunshine though!! Xx

  3. Lovely to wake up to more photos and a great blog Rufus. Thank you!
    Looking forward to hearing all about your next adventure. Enjoy today!

  4. What a great blog Ru, it sounds as though you are having the experience of a lifetime. I am sorry you have sunburn but glad to hear it’s feeling better. Football had to be there somewhere didn’t it! Will you let George know Liverpool won last night 3-0 in case this message hasn’t already reached him – thanks. Lots of love xx

  5. Super blog Ru. Glad to hear you aren’t missing the PS4 and phone – shall pop them on ebay :).
    Hope sunburn is better today. Enjoy the rest of the week. Lots of love xxx

  6. Great blog Rufus, sounds like you’ve had another fun-packed day in Ghana (minus the sunburn!). Yes, I imagine you’re too busy to miss mobiles/PlayStation/Xbox – as your Mum says, perhaps we should sell them all .. Take care xx

  7. Thanks again for your wonderful comments! They will be passed on to the students tonight, especially those football scores! 😉

  8. Wonderful to hear all about your experiences. Elliot I bet you now have more sympathy for teachers!

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