Weydon closes project work at Dwabor

Day 10, Monday April 9, 2018: We started off the day by waking up at around 6:15 and had our meeting at 7 as there was no time the night before. After the meeting breakfast followed and we had omelets and bread. Then from 8-9:30 we packed all our suitcases and mosquito nets, and swept the area of litter. After this we handed over the project to the head teacher, while we said our goodbyes the yellow bus arrived we made our way up to the school to collect our suitcases and load them onto the bus. While saying our goodbyes there were many Dwabor students crying as well as some of ours (Katie). Then we made our way to Stumble Inn. The afternoon was the most relaxing time that the whole team deserved after all their hard work. The sea was a little bit choppy but we were allowed to go in. The dinner was the best so yet although it was only beef and rice. For now signing for Joel and jack

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  1. So happy to read your blog Jack, enjoy your last couple of days to be able to have a breather to take it all in. An amazing experience and can’t wait to hear all about it. Hope you have remembered to take lots of photos. Dad and I are enjoying a couple of quiet days on our own as mason is at nanas, can’t wait to see early on Thursday morning. Lots of love xxxx

  2. Great to hear your news! The pics look great too, lots of fun in the waves, can’t wait to hear all about it and see you very soon!

  3. Thanks Jack and Joel for the update. I bet it was hard saying goodbye after the wonderful experiences you have had. The seas does look rough, hope you had fun relaxing, the dinner sounded great!
    Enjoy the rest of your time, it has been pouring with rain all day, I hope it stops by Thursday morning!

  4. Thanks Joel and Jack.
    Sounds like it was quite an emotional departure. You obviously all made an impact xx
    Enjoy your well deserved relaxation time at Stumble Inn.
    Can’t wait to see you very soon and hear all about it!! Sending love Xxx

  5. Great update! I’m sure you’ve had an amazing time, so no doubt it was an emotional departure. Have fun at the Beach and relax! Must be Charlie’s turn to tomorrow?? Missing you and can’t wait to hear all about it. xx

  6. Lovely blog! Glad you enjoyed the food! Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday xx

  7. Wonderful to read all that you’ve done.
    Elliot I hope you now eat eggs!

  8. Sounds like you are all enjoying some well deserved R&R. What an amazing experience you have all had.
    Enjoy your last couple of days sightseeing and relaxing and well see you all soon. Xx

  9. what a fabulous trip you’ve all had. Can’t wait to see you Bonnie and hear all about it. mumx

  10. The greatvadventure is coming to an end, so proud of you all. Glad you got some time off after all your hard work to relax a little.

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