Weydon begins project work at Dwabor JHS!

Day 4, Tuesday April 3, 2018: Today we had a full day of project work! We woke up at 6ish and did our duties which included washing the toilets. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs and then we went down to the school and had our official school welcoming ceremony, there was lots of dancing and singing and clapping along to the music. Next we passed over our donations (accidentally slipping in a few water bottles). Then we started painting the canteen while some of us dug trenches for the water to flow in. After a morning of painting, we had a break for lunch which was spaghetti. We were blessed with a half hour break as we were exhausted from working all morning. Some of us went around the village and asked survey questions to the villagers but some of us continued to paint. After spending another 3 hours painting we chilled and had *luxury* showers for the rest of the evening. Tonight we are meant to be having another bonfire. Last night the bonfire consisted of dancing, games and singing.
Tomorrow we are going to be visiting our buddies houses!!
Love to all,
Elliot and Millie 🙂

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  1. Sounds like another busy day, I hope you are all getting used to the heat and having fun with your buddies. Lauren, we missed you at Netball tonight! Lots of love xx

  2. Sounds like a very busy day! Hope you’re acclimatising now and managing to get some sleep. Charlie, we’re missing you! Hope you have a good time with Ebenezer and his family tomorrow xx

  3. It sounds so amazing I love hearing about it! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. What an amazing day you must have had, I bet you feel great having helped so much and seeing the canteen come on. We are all very envious of the wonderful experience you must be having. Make the most of each day won’t you, it hasn’t stopped raining here since you left! Lots of love to you all, look after each other and send our regards to all the buddy families. Xx

  5. Lovely write-up Elliot and Millie, sounds like you’ve all been very busy over there! The dancing and singing around the bonfire sounds like great fun! Have a wonderful time with your buddy families tomorrow xx

  6. Sounds as if you are all having a wonderful time. Hope you are all acclimatising.
    The cats are missing you Elliot.

  7. Quite emotional reading the blogs and seeing the pictures but you’re all amazing, Jack, me and mason are having a wet and very muddy good time in the isle of Wight, can’t wait to read your blog xx

  8. Fantastic work people, good old hard labour is nice to see and you all like your really enjoying it.
    Keep the pictures and blogs coming it’s great following you all this end.
    Sleep tight and hope the bed bugs don’t bite?

  9. Wow, another amazing day! Thanks so much for the updates and photos, they’re the highlight of our day! Love hearing and seeing what you’re doing.
    Enjoy your buddy day tomorrow!!
    Sending love to all Xxxxxx

  10. Fantastic to see all the wonderful experiences you are having, and all the hard work! What an incredible trip for everyone involved. We miss you heaps but wow what a journey of adventure and discovery you are all on 🙂

  11. Lovely blog – sounds like a busy, busy day and a well deserved the ‘luxury’ shower.
    Hope you all had a good day today and look forward to hearing about the next step in your adventures.
    Helen C-S

  12. Fantastic blog, thanks Millie and Elliot! – what an action-packed day!
    It sounds like you are having an amazing time! Miss you Millie! Have a great day tomorrow with your buddies, love Michele, Andy and Poppy xxx

  13. Great blog. It sounds like you’re having an amazing time but working incredibly hard. Hope you’re all enjoying it. Looking forward to hearing more stories.

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