Weydon attends a local church service and participates in drumming/dance workshop!

Day 9, Sunday April 8, 2018: Hello our lovely colleagues. Although Sam and Kyle were pretty average leaders, they were out classed by the almighty Megan and gorgeous George…
We started off the day by awaking at around 7am. We enjoyed a couple of lovely pieces of eggy bread and were soon off to church to enjoy the ceremonies. After these services, we all split into groups to practice a routine dance (in which I George excelled in). We all danced our perfected routines to the Community who seemed to be very impressed by our quality performances. We’ve now just finished eating a huge buffet with all our buddies which was very nice and humble. Most of the night was spent partying hard around the campfire. Tomorrow we leave Dwabor and travel to stumble inn for the last couple of nights.
We’ve all loved the amount of quality banter set by all today as the banter keeps us all very strong (shout out to Gakkers and his classy jokes for most of it ).
Also sorry about the glasses mum (from Megan) 😂
We will miss Dwabor as it’s a very close community which we were welcomed to with warmth.
Love to all,
Megan and George x

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  1. Looks like you’ve all had an amazing time!!! I’m sure Dwabor will miss you all too. Xx

  2. What a wonderful experience you have all shared in the Dwabor community, so lovely to see everyone embracing it! The daily updates have been great. I hope you all enjoy the next few days at Stumble Inn, we are looking forward to seeing you all later this week! Xx

  3. Oh the banter sounds great ! I can’t quite believe the gorgeous George excelled with the dancing, more likely that he removed your name Megan and put his in when you turned your back!
    Sounds like another great day, glad you are all having a lovely time. Lots of love Andy Debs . and Harry xx
    The Muriel’s look fab, well done!

  4. Great blog and loving the fb pics, the dancing and drumming looks a giggle enjoy your relaxing time at stumble Inn. Love, Michele, Andy and Poppy xxx

  5. The next Billy Elliot, hey George! Glad you are all continuing to have a wonderful time – it looks great fun. .Hope all is well without your glasses Megan and that they are all looking after you. Brilliant paintings xx

  6. Fab update – sounds so wonderful. Us parents aren’t jealous at all!

  7. Great blog Meghan and George, look forward to seeing your dance routines (perhaps on arrival at Heathrow?!). Murals look fabulous xx

  8. Sounds like another fab day. Can’t Believe you are saying goodbye already. ☹️
    Have a lovely few days in stumble inn. Xxx

  9. Almighty Megan and gorgeous George!!
    Loving all the banter and another great blog 🙂

    Sounds like youve had another fab day. We’re not jealous at all even though it’s still raining here and very grey and you’re now off to the beach!!!

    Partying hard around the camp fire sounds great time for George to perfect all his dance moves!!

    So glad they managed to sort some glasses for you Meggy!!! We were so concerned that the last few days would be a total blur. Boots appt first thing on Friday am (just kidding!)

    For everyone here PSW excelled themselves yesterday. They managed to find a friendly and very kind optometrist who opened his shop on a Sunday and a pair of glasses were couriered to Dwabor which arrived yesterday afternoon. How amazing is that!! Thank goodness for modern technology I was able to send a copy of Megan’s prescription and they kept in touch all of yesterday with updates of what was going on.
    So heart warming. Thank you to everyone for looking after her.

    Enjoy your time at Stumle Inn. Megan DONT wear your glasses if you go swimming lol. Love you Mole xx

    Lots of love Sara, Adam & Kai XX

  10. Looks like your having an amazing time, all your hard work on painting the canteen looks great. Can’t wait to read your blog Jack, so looking forward to seeing you on Thursday love you loads xx

  11. Loving the Banter! Great to hear Megan got her glasses sorted out. Glad you’ve had such a great time in Dwabor, I’m sure they’ll miss you all as much as you’ll miss them!!
    Dad A xx

    Ps is it me or are these sums getting harder!

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