Trip to Mountain. Afadjato

DAY 15 – 4/08/2017
Today was a very eventful day, full of challenges and surprises. We woke up and quickly packed our bags and headed off to the tallest single standing mountain in West Africa, Afadjato. The mountain seemed to be a small task at first, however as we ascended we realized that this climb would be more challenging than we first assumed. By halfway up we were tired and sweaty, but even from there the views were incredible. Further we climbed the beast, seemingly never-ending, before finally reaching the highest point in West Africa. We felt on top of the world, or at least Ghana, but the amazing views had been obscured by the clouds! After spending time at the top we eventually had to come down; this was the tricky bit. Climbing down people were slipping and sliding all over the place, as the rain had made the sloping path into a mud slide. After some careful shimmying down the track, our mountain experience was over. We then hit the road and made our way to ……….. prepare for our waterfall sash, which was only a 20 minute walk away. As we added to our walking mileage of the day, we trekked to the paradise which stood before us (or so we thought). As we entered splash zone of the waterfall, and we prepared to take a dunk in this violent torrent of water. The waterfall looked spectacular towering above us, however the spray from the waterfall was like never-ending needles into the skin. We all still really enjoyed this experience and it ended with a cute group photo. To end the day we went back to the campsite to have showers and set up camp, looking forward to a well earned rest. We are nearing to the end of the trip now, sad to leave Ghana but excited to get home.
Lots of love to everyone at home,
Oscar Smale and James Taylor

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  1. Sounds like a great end to an amazing experience.

  2. What a wonderful blog to read, thank you. We are all excited to see you return

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