Cross Cultural Collaboration



Our approach to Student Partnership Visits is unique: as well as offering an authentic cultural immersion through a wealth of fun, educational, cultural and sporting activities delivered in an ethical way, we place great importance on students interacting personally with peers in their partnership school.  Our buddy system matches each visiting student with a peer from the host school which enables the students to start to get to know each other through exchanging letters prior to meeting.  Buddies share experiences during the visit, and friendships formed in this way often last for years!


What do we mean by Cross Cultural Collaboration?


To us, the essence of the Student Partnership Visit is the opportunity for students and teachers to work (and play!) together in a live environment with their peers from their partner school.  Real life collaboration across a host of fun educational, cultural and sporting workshops as well as exciting community or conservation project work enables students from each country to gain a real understanding of each other’s perspectives and develop mutual respect as well as an appreciation of their own cultural heritage.




Health & Safety is our number one priority.  Our systems and processes are comprehensive, robust, regularly reviewed and fully accredited.  Read more…



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