Teacher Led



Because our Ethical School Trips are not “expeditions”, there is no need for there to be an “expedition leader”!  Instead, the visits are led by the UK teacher with the support of one of our experienced local guides.  The guides stay with the visiting group 24/7, are fully trained to support school trips and have a wealth of local knowledge.


What are the benefits of a teacher-led visit?


Teachers often tell us that leading a school trip supported by us has been one of the most rewarding experiences of their careers, even lives!  While it can seem a daunting prospect, the support we offer in the lead-up to the trip and the 24/7 support of a fully trained local guide with expert knowledge plus our in-country office support ensures that teachers are fully equipped for the challenge and can enjoy the experience.  Teachers who have led a visit supported by us often come back for more!


Not having to pay travel and expenses for an external expedition leader helps us to minimise the costs.  Of course we pay our guides fairly in line with our values and principles!




Health & Safety is our number one priority.  Our systems and processes are comprehensive, robust, regularly reviewed and fully accredited.  Read more…



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