What makes our trips “Ethical”?



There is increasing evidence that poorly-planned student visits to developing world countries can inadvertently cause more harm than good.


We offer Ethical School Trips to Ghana, Sri Lanka and India because we have long-standing relationships with those communities.


Our commitment to Sustainable Tourism and Community Development means that our trips are designed to offer the fullest possible experience to visiting students while ensuring all visits impact positively on the local community.


For example:-

  • We do not offer to take students on one-off trips to visit local schools because this can be disruptive to local children without offering them any real benefit.
  • While we encourage students to undertake project work in the communities they visit, we are very careful to choose projects which will have lasting benefits to that community rather than just a feel-good factor to the students participating in them.
  • We also ensure that students are clearly working with the community not for them.  Such collaborative project work can deliver enormous benefits to the students in terms of increasing their understanding of the host community rather than focussing on how they can “help” them.


This topic is one very close to our hearts and we would be happy to discuss any questions you may have!





Health & Safety is our number one priority.  Our systems and processes are comprehensive, robust, regularly reviewed and fully accredited.  Read more…



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