Series 1: Episodes 3 and 4

Series 1: Episode 3

Today we continued with the project work. We continued with the foundations. I went inside the tank to clean up which was fun. We interacted with our buddies and the children. We played football, volleyball, and tried new local foods popo, cocoa, and sugar cane. The hosts took us out for a nice dinner.


4th November 2014


Series 1: Episode 4

Today was our final day on the water system project. Once we arrived we got straight to work installing piping and rendering the base of the water tank. Many of the younger children from the village arrived today and it was wonderful to see how interested they were, some were even trying to chip in and do some of the work. It was great to see some of the young people who will one day use the tank we made. Once the system was finally complete we celebrated with our friends at lunch and then took a trip to the beach. The views were picturesque; something you would only see in films. Although our trip ran short because of rain, the sights and experiences will always be memorable.


5th November 2014


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  1. Glad you are all having a great time that’s the first time I have seen you Joseph with a shovel in your hands you would never help me in the garden hahaha be safe and enjoy love always DAD x

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