Our Support


Partner Schools Worldwide provides a range of services to support and enhance school partnerships, brief summaries of which are listed below.


One of the biggest barriers to successful partnerships are the issues around information exchange, particularly when the southern partner school is located in a rural area. PSW is able to support information exchange by sending correspondence and project information through the regular passage of volunteers and staff we have travelling as well as through the postal system. Our staff are on hand to ensure the delivery and collection of partnership material and work with teachers from both schools to progress the communications.


The ability to successfully replicate joint curricular projects in the schools can be hampered by the lack of resources available in the local partner schools. We encourage both schools to consider the resources required for projects and undertake fundraising activities to ensure the successful outcome. These funds are disbursed by PSW as outlined in the Partnership Funding document.


ICT Equipment
By loaning digital cameras and video cameras to the southern school, and providing instruction in their use, our local staff are able to facilitate communications which go beyond the written form and really bring to life the realities of both school and life environments. We are also able to provide the means to share digital recordings sent from the UK as well as live web conferencing.


Project Planning
With knowledge of many cultures and school curricula, we can offer support to teachers in both countries in developing partnership projects. We can suggest themes which will result in interesting and stimulating comparisons, highlighting both the differences and similarities in the lives and concerns of children in both countries.


Logistics Support
A key component of successful partnerships is the opportunity for teachers to spend time in each other’s school. The British Council operates a grants scheme which offers funding for reciprocal visits. We will provide logistical support for reciprocal visits, ensuring that visiting teachers get the most from their exchange and are adequately briefed prior to travel as well as guiding teachers through the Safety Management Systems in place to aid with the risk assessment process required for the Student Visit.