Our Partnerships


By creating links with different continents, we aim to facilitate educational exchanges between students and teachers in both countries for the mutual benefit of both schools in the short term and society as a whole in the longer term. These partnerships can bring a new dimension to lessons and extra-curricular activities as both sets of students learn about each other’s cultures and lives, sharing experiences and advancing their education. These partnerships are aimed at secondary schools’ key stages 3-4 and the equivalent age group overseas.


We have six (6) main aims within the partnerships:

  • Bringing a global dimension to the curriculum
  • Sharing culture and life experience to encourage respect and tolerance
  • Promoting understanding of how we are all connected in a global community
  • Encouraging young people to develop self-belief to make a positive change
  • Sharing skills and experience between teachers to improve education
  • Improving English language skills


How it works
We work closely with relevant education authorities to ensure partnerships are part of their aims for promoting educational opportunities for young people.  In many cases those authorities are part of the approval process which means that they are engaged and have a vested interest to ensure the partnerships succeed.  Schools in both countries are invited to make an application for partnership and are then matched with a suitable partner.


Once two schools have been matched,  will work with both schools to explore their aims and objectives for the partnership, and ensure that both schools have an understanding of what the partnership can realistically achieve.


Becoming a partner could not be easier; the steps below outline the process involved:

Partner school
to school
Teacher visits
‘Culture Day’ at
Start ongoing
pen-pal &
Annual student


Please see below for the elements of our programme that make for a successful and sustainable partnership.


Teacher Visits

A key ingredient to a successful partnership are the reciprocal visits undertaken by teachers which provide a first hand insight into your partner school. This gives both partners a solid base to launch partnership activities.

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Student Visits

When students travel overseas they have already committed to learn about themselves and others. This positive attitude combined with the preparation we do contributes to a highly rewarding experience.

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Shared Learning

Projects form an integral part of the programme and provide a huge opportunity for the whole school and curriculum to be influenced.

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Cultural Days

Launching the partnership in your school can take many forms but there's nothing like quite like a slam dunk effect! We can create a full on day which will have everyone filled with excitement and in many cases these days can be used as great ice-breakers for year groups.

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Our Support

With dedicated teams based over the world and the collaborative environment we create there are so many levels of support available.

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