Existing Partnerships


Partner Schools Worldwide is uniquely placed to help schools who already have a partnership to bring it to life through student and teacher visits because our expertise in school partnerships is matched by our years of experience as a safe, ethical overseas school travel provider.


Not only do we have a deep understanding of school partnerships, but we have also spent years delivering safe, high quality student and teacher visits specifically designed to bring those partnerships to life.


Our Partnership Student Visits bring the maximum possible benefits to an existing school partnership through a unique programme of meaningful engagement between students and teachers from both partner schools across a range of exciting activities designed to enhance mutual understanding and respect.


We can organise Partnership Student Visits for you wherever your partner school may be. Our model for Partnership Student Visits is safe, highly effective and already operates in a variety of challenging locations.


If your school has a partnership but is not currently running student and teacher visits, please get in touch to discuss how we can help!