In-country Support


Combining pre-visit trips by UK teachers and having a year round presence overseas allows us to provide a high level of support.


The safety of teams travelling overseas holds the uttermost importance in our operations. Leaders & Guides are at the heart of team management and are expected to exercise such a standard of care as would be expected of a caring and prudent parent at every stage of their interaction with the student teams. The Leadership team have clear lines of responsibility and supervision (min 3 adults per team, ratio of 1:10) that will ensure team safety during the trip overseas.


A unique feature we have is that the School Visit Leader (member of school staff) is required to visit the destination country before taking a group of students. During this time they are able to conduct risk assessments and discuss logistics with our teams. We also employ locally based Trip Guides (our Staff) who naturally know the terrain, culture and practicalities of the environment better than any visitor.


In-country Office
One of the unique features about us is the local presence that we have, this is needed as supporting a partnership is year round. Our staff therefore are able to react and support as needed.


The office provides all visiting teams with dual sim mobile phones for emergency communications. For more remote locations where we have tested the functionality of those telephone networks, we provide satellite phones as a backup.


Backup Funds
Trip funds are distributed locally and there is always a reserve in case of emergencies which the Adult Leadership Team have access to as required.


Medical Support
Our local presence means we know the doctors and medical facilities and our first aid trained staff assist where needed. In addition, we have a direct link to the emergency response service, Global Response, and their network of local experts.


UK Support
In addition to the 24/7 support that the local office provides, we implement a higher level back support system run by our permanent staff to act as a liaison between the in-country team, your school and the emergency response services.