Assessing Risk


We assess risks to a high standard by following industry quality protocols and procedures the main categories are reflected below in relation to the itineraries we deliver:


The standards we set are done with the full understanding that we operate in areas very different to the UK, where acceptable norms vary. We do however ensure that local national standards are met as a minimum and, where possible exceeded, to be closer matched to that of the UK.


Accommodation assessments vary based on the requirements of the visiting team between camping, guesthouses and community hostels. Where possible we ensure that guesthouse accommodation conforms to local and national fire, safety and hygiene standards and will have current liability insurance cover for the duration of the contract. For camping and community hostels, we undertake the same inspections of the facilities available and where lacking, we fill the gaps with our own resources.


The nature of the projects vary therefore each project proposed by visiting teams is uniquely risk assessed and the results discussed with the Adult Leadership Team.


All excursions, approved in advance by a Director of PSW, will be included in the final itinerary provided to Team Members in advance and all excursions will be risk assessed to a level proportionate to the level of risk. Teams are not permitted to organise their own excursions independently of the Partner Schools Worldwide visit programme.


A comprehensive General Risk Assessment for each partner country is also prepared which takes into consideration risks not specific to the categories above.