RBC overcomes World Cup grief by mixing some more concrete!

July 12, 2018.
We all went down to Stumble Inn for dinner last night very excited for the England game. Our dinner was yam chips and chicken kebab and sadly didn’t live up to our expectations because most of the yam chips were cold and hard. It was a very tense game and mood in the camp was probably the lowest when England did not progress to the final. Sammy our helper was able to keep moral up with some fun jokes and telling us that when he saw us at the airport that he thought we were all too small and wouldn’t be good at lifting but we had actually done really well. Today was all about mixing concrete with many runs to get stones and dirt. Everyone worked really well and are looking forward to no more concrete being needed.

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  1. Well done RBCS and thank you for the regular updates and fab pictures s! Great job by all!

  2. Great photos & loving the blog. Keep them coming – glad you got to see the game though even if it wasn’t the outcome we wanted!

  3. Always look forward to the photos and updates, thank you and well done RBCS!!

  4. Delighted to hear all the news and a little relieved that I didn’t have to pick up the pieces after Wednesday’s disappointment!

  5. Got a patio to do this summer…….

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