RBC continues construction work for Ankwanda schools

Day 5// Tuesday July 10th, 2018.

Dinner last night was Jollof rice with fruit. The team began today rebuilding the lower wall and breaking rocks into smaller pieces, to help stabilise the concrete holding the wall together.

The local mason team were teaching us how to build the wall which is hard when you don’t understand a word they say. Three classrooms had the walls scrubbed and floors swept to be able to be painted in the coming days. After work had finished Max got caught by a queen wasp during a call of nature. We are on course with the project which is beginning to take shape and all is well after some fresh coconut water.

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  1. Great to read these blogs – doing a wonderful job!

  2. Thanks for the updates-hope the heat isn’t proving too much in the rubble!

  3. Great updates, thank you!

  4. Nice one thanks for the updates and the photos on facebook.

  5. Glad to hear that you’re working hard and having fun! Happy Birthday to George for tomorrow!

  6. Fantastic efforts. Hope you weren’t too disappointed at the footie result!

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