OHGS continues their project work, saving time for some laughter and an end of the day football match!

Day 6// Thursday, July 12, 2018.

Student leaders – Alex B and Sammy

While sleeping happily, there was a loud knock on our day. “Breakfast is ready” said a bored sounding voice. The time was 6.15am, the earliest one yet. After an exceptionally early breakfast, we set off on our way to the school. We were happily greeted by young children holding machetes who were cutting the grass as the lawn mower was broken.

We were placed in our groups and sent to our jobs, one of the groups was sent off to the Islamic school and the other two were left to paint and build at the school. The painting was reasonably productive but the building consisted of moving sand from one corner to another. The sand moving took up a lot of the morning but we changed to hammering nails into the wooden planks. The connected planks were then manoeuvred onto beams that stretched across the canteen. As they were placed sideways they bent a lot.
We then returned to the hostel to eat sandwiches. Unfortunately Aleks managed to unintentionally make everyone laugh when Miss Lavin’s camping stool collapsed from underneath him.

We then returned to the school for a football match between Ghana and England. The Ghanaian eleven were stronger with a 12-11 victory on penalties, a great win for the lads.

Alex and Sammy

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  1. Happy birthday Rosie, lots of love Lucy Jamie& jasper Plevin xx

  2. Sounds like you’re all having an amazing time … I’m a bit jealous of yesterday’s French toast!!! Loved the early photos showing you mixing concrete! That’s the way!

  3. Ps any chance of photos on the blog for those if us who don’t do Facebook, please? I’m relying on someone WhatsApping them to me at mo .. . Love to all, keep up the good work. X

    • Hi Louanne! It is unfortunately not possible for us to post the photos on the blog, however we do have a Flickr account where you can view them! If you look at the links on the top right of our website you will see icons for Facebook, YouTube, etc. one of those icons is to access the Flickr! The pictures for our current trips have not been uploaded to it yet, but we are working to get that done this weekend so you should be able to view them soon! Once you are on the Flickr you will see a tab for “albums” and Oldham will have their own album there!

  4. They should have had you fixing lawnmower Alex

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