NES explores beautiful Cape Coast and continues project work!

Day 12// July 12, 2018.
We had a treat today getting to go to Cape Coast to explore the market! Everyone has been looking forward to it and enjoyed the sights, smells, and atmosphere as we milled around and made a few purchases. There was bright coloured fabrics, whole dried fishes, and vibrant jewelry everywhere you looked. When we returned we continued our project work. The laying of cement for the volleyball court has been a reminder that our time here is swiftly disappearing. We have spent the afternoon putting finishing touches on the paintings in the classrooms and will just have a few bits left before it will all be complete. It has been a great day, finished off with a laughter filled evening as we played Sardines with the school children after the sun set. We are having a wonderful time but also miss family and friends and cannot wait to see you all soon.

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