LWC team and buddies at Egyeikrom went on a day trip

Day 6-Friday 28 October 2017
After the usual morning routine we started the day meeting up with our buddies. We then began our one and a half hour bus journey to Kakum national park. When we arrived we were all very excited to be there since us and our buddies had never been to the national park. We began our journey walking up a steep path in the hot weather and then we saw the very high bridges which over looked the national park. The view was amazing!
After that we made the second journey of the day to a cocoa farm, the trip was very fun because our buddies brought some drums along so in no time we were all singing and clapping along to the beat. The cocoa farm was really interesting and we met the owner who told us about the farm and how the cocoa beans are formed. Next up on the list was seeing the crocodiles, so we all got back in the bus and headed off to see them with more singing and clapping to keep us entertained. We managed to see a few crocodiles and also feed them which definitely was exciting.

Ben Walker

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