Kimbolton Ambassadors form deeper connections with buddies

Day 6// Wednesday July 11th, 2018.

We woke up to a breakfast of scrambled egg and toast, then we departed for the school. After meeting our buddies, we had an invigorating workshop, Eddie and I left with Mr Knell and Jude (a teacher at Essaman United) for a quick trip out to get some paint. However, this being Ghana, we returned about 3 hours later after a lengthy discussion in a paint shop, spending about an hour in a roadside market waiting for some wooden planks, and finally we collected 750kg of cement (Eddie attempted carrying a 50kg bag on his head, video will be shown on return). While Eddie and I were away the others undertook another exhilarating workshop. After a lunch of ‘deep fried bean rolls’ we set off to see our buddies houses. It was great to see our buddies houses and meet their parents, I think it was humbling and eye opening experience for us all. Afterwards we said goodbye to our buddies and Stumbled Inn back to the hotel. Tommy’s buddy kindly bought him 3 mango’s which we ate, they really did tingle the taste buds. Then we watched the football. 🙁
Later on we were lucky enough to listen to Laurence play various songs (including My Heart Will Go On and Pirates of the Caribbean) by slapping his sonorous cheeks.
Written by George Jessop with help by friends.

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  1. Thanks, George and friends- it’s great to hear what you have been doing today.

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