Day 3

Day 3

Our first, full, day in Pershie was great, as we saw the school for the first time. When we arrived we felt very welcomed when we were introduced to the children of the school and when we exchanged cultures with out buddies.

Soon afterwards we where playing a huge game of football while others played volleyball and some, skipping games. After we returned to the school from lunch back at camp we began work on the project, to build the school a new library and populate it with books that we had brought along. For the start of the project we spent a lot of time sanding down, freshly made by the carpenter at the school, bookcases and tables.

When it was time to leave, we returned to site 14, where, yet again we played another great game of football, and then, after going into camp and having dinner, our buddies arrived and there was a lot of dancing and drumming by both us and our buddies. Soon we had taught them musical chairs and used the African drum we had as the music.

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