Day 16 : last day

After our sad goodbyes in the morning, we set off on a 3 hand 1/2 hour drive to a turtle hatchery. There we held some baby turtles and some held a big turtle, but the best part was when we let baby turtles go into the sea. After this we had lunch at ‘simple restaurant, was good. We went to a moonstone mine where a guy told us how the jewellery was made. There a shop at the end but it was very expensive. Finally we went to. We stoped at a very nice service station. We may or may not have almost left Tian behind as she slipped pavement as it had rained.

We arrived at the airport and are now about to board. See you tomorrow!

Goodnight my dear children.

Tian and Ben

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  1. Safe flight see you all tomorrow. In the words of the pointer Sisters I’m so excited… I know you’re all to young to remember but maybe Mrs Warnock does. See you all soon x

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