Day 14: getting things done day

A 6AM start lead to the finishing of the murals just after breakfast. Some of the buddies arrived at 7:30 which caught us off guard as we were painting the benches. We then drove to Tzu Chi for traditional Sri Lankan games. These included : eating a bun from the floor with our hands behind our back, smashing a pot whilst blindfolded, plot the eye on the elephant and feeding a yoghurt to our buddies whilst blindfolded. We then left Tzu Chi and returned for lunch . We first cemented a shrine into the playground(VERY HARD WORK) and prepared tote bags for Karu and Buddhi.Then we sat down for lunch . Afterwards we head back to Tzu Chi for a First Aid workshop which was led by Jasper and Oliver. It was done well though I’m not sure whether all the buddies understood what everything meant. After First Aid we went to the Orphanage. Everyone had been anticipating the event as we had vetoed the beach to spend some more time with the kids and I think we all got something out of it. We played games and songs with them which we all seemed to enjoy. Most of us also managed to get dragged into a flashback of our 6th year when making loom bands. It was lovely to see things we don’t use anymore being enjoyed. They forced cakes on us which we accepted gratefully until we got to the bus and they continued trying to feed us…Which was lovely that they cared so much about feeding us though we did try and decline most of it.

Getting back we had dinner at 7:45 of some fried rice and chicken. For dessert we had icecream with treacle…..or in Phil’s case he had a bowl of treacle……. and a bit of icecream. Most of us are sleeping outside tonight so that will definitely be interesting.Last night we saw shooting stars, let’s hope we are lucky tonight as well.

Izzy and Philip

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  1. Wow busy day. Thanks Izzy and Philip for finding time to write the blog as well. The orphans must have been delighted to see you all return. What ever happened to the 8.30 late start? I think some of you will be catching up on your sleep when you return. Enjoy the sleep out. May your sky be full of shooting stars

  2. Happy Birthday Oliver …… may the force and your friends be with you xxxx

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