Day 13: Tea Time

Today was once again an early start so we could leave by 7:30 after a quick breakfast. The bus ride was 2 or so hours and the repetitive music probably turned at least one of us insane. Upon arriving at the tea plantation we were given a quick tour and were sat down to a cup of tea and a bit of cake with our buddies. We were then led round the factory and all the various machines were explained to us. After this it was onto the tasting of all the various varieties of tea (which if you ask me all tasted the same) and then back onto the bus. Our next stop was the beach where we sat on the traditional fishing sticks, and a few team members picked up shells.

After a quick stop for lunch we continued on to the town of Galle, it is a colonial town that looks over the sea, and was filled to the brim with tourists. We split off into groups of two English and two Sri Lankan buddies to do a challenge that involved taking photos of various things (tuk tuks, statues, postboxes etc). This took around an hour. We then drove to a fruit and vegetable market for the next challenge of buying the most unusual fruit and veg for the lowest price. After this was all over everyone piled back onto the bus to drive home. We are now enjoying some hoppers before bed and a later (8:30) start tomorrow.


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  1. Another great blog and beautiful photos. Eliza I bet you were in heaven at the Tea Plantation. Will you need excess baggage to bring it all home? How easy was it to balance on those fishing sticks? Enjoy your lie in tomorrow. X

  2. Oliver, last years buddies have been messaging Samuel to tell him they’ve met his brother! It’s lovely to know that these relationships are maintained at some level via instagram. Sounds like you’ve all had a wonderful day again. Wish I’d got to go to the market with you. Xx

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