Day 12: Ate, ate and ate

First we went to Theja’s house and that is were the eating fest began! We had hoppers, egg hoppers, spicy curry onion and bananas. Next we went to Shanima’s house where we ate buffalo curd with treacle (a lot of it). Afterwards we went to Vishmi’s house where we ate milk toffees,cake ,spicy donuts and spicy onions.

Afterwards we went to Setheka’s house where we drank coconut milk from a coconut and we ate pancakes and yoghurts !Then we went to Yumeera’s house where we ate A LOT of sugar in many forms such as : cake,boundi (red sugar) and sugar cubes.

Continuing on our pilgrimage we stopped at Tharusha’s house for lunch with all the parents. We ate lentils , chicken curry and ice cream . Entering the latter part of our journey we visited Upeshka’s house where we had jelly (green and red) , ice cream , treacle , bananas and papaya.

Later we went to Shashini’s house where we had a rest and only drank coconut milk. Then we went to Minanji’s house where we ate icecream and quick eats.

Finally we arrived at Samudi’s house where we ate banana , coconut cubes and drank prite ( a Sri Lankan sprite). We had finished!

Some of us are planning to sleep under the stars tonight although some people are in need of quick access of a toilet. Good night!

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  1. Fabulous! sounds like an enviable feast. No doubt you were treated like royalty by these lovely people. Hopefully they liked your gifts as much as you enjoyed their hospitality. Beautiful photos and another camp out. Was it cold Eliza?? Aunty Alexa and Nana loving the blog and photos. What a journey you’re all on x

  2. Sounds like you might all need to go for a long run rather than a sleep after all that food. Hope the families were pleased with their presents, I’m sure the families loved meeting you all. Oliver feel free to invite them all back to Grannie’s house, she’s the only person I know who can compete with producing that amount of food. By the way, i’ve Taught Nelson “paw” , and got rid of Immie to Camberley Unit for the weekend! She’s really looking forward to seeing you though xx

  3. Great photo Ben! We are all looking forward to seeing you….the house is far too quiet! I suspect with all that food you won’t need to go for pancakes at Bill’s when you get back?
    See you soon
    Mum, Dad and Jordan xx

  4. Have alerted the airline. They have kicked off 8 skinny passengers to accommodate the “ stuffed” little British kids!
    It sounds amazing!
    I hope they have enjoyed your company as much as I have enjoyed your blogs and photos!
    Oliver’s Grannie

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