Crofton School – Welcome to Ghana

We all met at Crofton School to head to Heathrow… for the second time (lets not talk about our 16hr trip up to Heathrow last Friday). We got to the airport with plenty of time t spare and enjoyed having a mooch at duty free.
Our flight to Lagos, Nigeria took six hours. As the plane took off around 11pm we are given dinner around midnight – choice of beef or chicken curry which was crazily spicy …. as this point we were surviving on pringles and starburst. The flight itself was very smooth.
We landed in Lagos at around 4am and were lucky enough to be allocated an air-conditioned room and some leather comfy seats for our 16 hour stop over. It’s safe to say that there isn’t much to in a Nigerian airport however we all now know how to play ‘you are buy sunshine’ on the ukulele.
We landed in Accra, Ghana at around midnight and met our friends from Partner Ghana, loaded a minivan full of luggage and 13 of us pilled into another before heading to our hotel for the night.
We met for breakfast at 7am. For breakfast was an omelette tostie which resulted in multiple people being very happy with the fact that they had packed some cereal bars.
The trip from Accra to Persia took around 4 hours. We’ve settled in well and have gone to visit the school where we will be working. The welcoming from both the teachers and students was amazing. Seeing the children so happy and excited for us to be here is incredible and inspiring.
After a very long tiring journey to get here we are now re-filled with excitement and motivation.

A very happy birthday to Alex and HORRAH for us arriving.

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  1. Glad you are all safe and well. Enjoy and relish every moment as I am sure it will live with you forever. Oh and come home safe.

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