LWC taem and Egyeikrom buddies at Church service, Elmina castle tour and Beach

Day 7 Sunday 29th October 2017
We woke up an hour later this morning and had breakfast at 8. We all split up and went to church with our buddies where we danced and sang and all gave testimony!
We then set off for the journey to Elmina where we had a tour of the castle which was used in the slave trade for holding slaves before they were shipped to plantations. We went to the gift shop where we all bought presents for our buddies and their family. We sat outside and had lunch with our buddies and then got back on the bus to go to the beach. It was the first time some of the buddies had been to the beach which was really amazing to see. All of us and all of the buddies went in the sea and we left the beach at about 5. We stopped at the market of the way back and bought watermelon, sugar canes and pineapple. Finally we got back, had some nice fried rice and chicken!

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