Day11: Bit of a relax, but still working hard.

Another early morning, for myself and Jasper to read, but also because we all had to get ready to go to Tzu Chi school. When we first arrived we planted our mango trees and were transfixed by a large lizard.

After which, we moved on to painting our names and the names of our buddies on to benches while also asking students questions on daily life ,culture and other such topics. We then proceeded to practice for our dance on Tuesday then return to the Janoda Foundation for lunch.

Next we took our buddies to an elephant orphanage where we saw line of small, waddling elephants queuing for food. After this we all went on a rather bumpy safari adventure where we saw crocodiles, elephants, peacocks and many more exotic creatures.

– Oliver

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  1. Some great photos. You have all been kept busy and have had some brilliant experiences! Hope you are all practicing your dance moves!

  2. Love the photos, Bella is missing you Eliza fed up now of being an only child and looking forward to seeing you on her birthday!

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