Why work with us


We have over 10 years of experience in delivering safe high quality project and culturally focused trips that work to a fixed development agenda which responds to local needs. Everything we do is in collaboration with key stakeholder. Our partner schools, the students engaged in the activities, relevant education authorities and local NGO’s or charities who focus their efforts on improving access to and the quality of local education.


We Care

Caring about people comes naturally to us and we work in an environment guided by the following values:

    • Transparency

Clarity of business aims and objectives and mode of operation.

    • Collaboration & Partnership

Ensuring that the right like minded groups and individuals are identified to work with.

    • Honesty

Open interactions with clients & partners.

    • Ethical Operations

Trade with reputable and respected organisations.

    • Responsible Employer

Creation of opportunities and work/life balance for staff

    • Innovation

Challenge conceptions and boundaries and never think we have learnt enough!


We’re Safe

Prevention is better than cure and the organisation is committed to living by this mantra. As an overview the following assessment system is used to cover company activity:

  • Analysis of possible hazards
  • Assess the risk
  • Establishing guidelines
  • Backup system
  • Monitoring and review


The Partner Schools Worldwide Safety Management System (SMS) balances the elements of planning, doing, checking and acting.


We Give More

10% of our trip related turnover is donated to our strategic key partner charities who work to develop educational programmes around the world. This concept of social enterprise giving places no restrictions on the charity and allows them to spend the money where they decide is best.


You’re Protected

Through a rigorous system of audits, both internal and external, and memberships with a wide range of organisations which require certain levels of client protection to be in place, you are have the added reassurance and peace of mind at being covered by layers of Insurance and Financial Bonding.


We’re Fun!

Balancing the pleasures of life with the commitments of work is something we do well – making the time for our families and friends and being with people helps us to be better at our jobs. The truth of the matter is that most of us view what we do as a lifestyle rather than a job…you’ll see what we mean once you’ve signed up!