More about us


Partner Schools Worldwide is a socially focused enterprise company located in the UK. Our beginnings stem back to 2004 when we operated under the name of Sabre Charitable Trust. In 2012 a new legal entity was formed to focus on delivering ethical, sustainable and high quality experiences for young adults. Primarily we support links between secondary schools in the UK and schools in the developing world to create and sustain genuine partnerships that engage the students, generate reciprocal educational value and mutual respect. As a socially focused enterprise, our costs are kept as low as possible. We donate to related charities and administer the costs of the Partnership Programme free of charge.


We’re passionate about what we do and the impact we have across the world. That’s why the majority of any profit we make is ploughed back into helping schools to benefit students in the UK and the developing world. We look forward to working with you and making every partnership being as successful as possible.


To allow young people to understand, experience, and contribute to building a better global village.


To provide a real world experience through partnering with a geographically and culturally diverse school and providing a structured program for teachers and their students to develop a greater sense of the global community.


Partner Schools Worldwide provides clear lifelong benefits to students education:

  • Improve their understanding and appreciation of the diversity of cultures across the world;
  • Experience the challenges and opportunities of different cultural and economic environments;
  • Contribute to those less fortunate and understand the value of giving.



Our values are built on the following guiding principles:

  • Transparency
  • Collaboration & Partnership
  • Honesty
  • Ethical Operations
  • Responsible Employer
  • Innovation


In our interconnected, globalised world, all our actions have an impact around the globe. As our young people grow up, they will inherit a fast-changing and different world with entirely new challenges. In order to prepare young people to become responsible, global citizens, it is vital to give students a chance to interact and learn together with their peers from all over the world. These experiences encourage tolerance, openness and a spirit of cooperation for a better world.


The fundamental ethos of what Partner Schools Worldwide does is to support any kind of mutual learning between cultures, a chance for both the visitor and host to benefit from a shared experience. There are various terms which explain what we do, we have categorised these into the two main areas of Development Education and Sustainable Tourism. These underpin the core values of our programme.