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We’re passionate about what we do and the impact we have across the world. That’s why the majority of any profit we make is ploughed back into helping schools to benefit students in the UK and the developing world. We look forward to working with you and making every partnership being as successful as possible.

Partner Schools Worldwide is a socially focused enterprise company located in the UK. Our beginnings stem back to 2004 when we operated under the name of Sabre Charitable Trust. In 2012 a new legal entity was formed to focus on delivering ethical, sustainable and high quality experiences for young adults. Primarily we support links between secondary schools in the UK and schools in the developing world to create and sustain genuine partnerships that engage the students, generate reciprocal educational value and mutual respect. As a socially focused enterprise, our costs are kept as low as possible. We donate to related charities and administer the costs of the Partnership Programme free of charge.



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Everyone involved in delivering our worked has lived & worked overseas and understands the importance of cultural and development education.

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Our Story

A look back over the years into how we came to be the organisation we are today...

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