Eye-opening School Partnerships Across Continents

We’re passionate about what we do and the impact we have across the world. We specialise in facilitating long term, sustainable & ethical partnerships with organisations. That’s why the lion’s share of any profit we make supports inspirational grassroots charities driven by social and environmental change.


School Partnerships:

  • Facilitate critical thinking on global issues and help students understand their role in an interdependent world.
  • Encourage students and teachers to appreciate their own cultural heritage whilst giving a greater insight into the heritage and fortunes of other cultures.
  • Offer students and teachers the chance to visit their partner school and experience a different learning environment.
  • Enable teachers to improve educational performance and standards in the developing world.
  • Allow techers a unique approach to continuous personal development (CPD).
  • Provide a basis for bringing real and topical content into curriculum subjects shared across continents.